Booking Conditions

Child Protection Policy

Saddleworth Outdoor Pursuits Association recognize the importance of its responsibility to protect and safeguard the welfare of children and young people involved in its activities.
As part of its mission, the Association is committed to:
  • Valuing and listening to and respecting children and young people as well as promoting their welfare and protection.
  • Safe supervision of children within the Centre.
  • The Association will ensure that all children's groups using the Centre have an adequate Child Protection Policy covering the areas of: General Good Practice Identifying and Dealing With Suspicions / Allegations of Abuse Recruitment of Staff and Volunteers
  • The Association will also ensure that all its facilities meet the appropriate Health and Safety requirements.

Conditions Of Booking

  • The Boarshurst Centre is essentially for the use of groups who book the Centre for Outdoor Pursuits purposes.It cannot be booked for private social events i.e. birthday parties, wedding receptions etc.
  • Saddleworth Outdoor Pursuits Association committee reserve the right to refuse admission to groups who breach this rule. All groups using the Centre who include children in their party must have an adequate Child Protection Policy.
  • The leader of a group is the person responsible for the booking and fees for the use of the Boarshurst Centre.
  • The leader accepts responsibility for any damage to the Boarshurst Centre or breakage of equipment.
  • The leader must notify the Bookings Secretary of any damage or breakages.
  • The leader must ensure that the Boarshurst Centre is left in a clean and tidy condition. Any additional cleaning requirements will be charged for.
  • The leader has responsibility for the Boarshurst Centre during the visit.
  • The leader is responsible for telephone charges whilst in residence.
  • The leader must ensure that visitors are adequately equipped for the outdoor activities undertaken.
  • The leader must ensure that the group visiting the Boarshurst Centre has adequate insurance for outdoor activities.
Should a group wish to enter the Boarshurst Centre on their date of arrival at a time prior to 12.00 hrs., then this must be agreed with the Bookings Secretary at the time of booking.
If it is agreed, then a charge of £20.00 (in addition to the standard charges) may have to be made to cover the costs involved in cleaning the Centre prior to the group's arrival.
This charge will be applied at the discretion of The Bookings Secretary at the time of booking.
The booking form should be completed as soon as possible after receipt and returned with the correct deposit to the address below.
Confirmation of the booking will be made in writing on receipt of these items, subject to the availability of the Boarshurst Centre. Forwarding address: Saddleworth Outdoor Pursuits Association c/o Mrs P Byrne Spring Grove 6 Oldham Road Uppermill Saddleworth .OL3 6HY