The Pennine Moors, the Pennine Way, Black Hill, Bleaklow, Feather Bed Moss and Kinder Scout are all accessible from Saddleworth. The choice of walking is extensive, only limited by a planners imagination. The path network within the valley is also interesting, linking historical sites.


The Boarshirst Centre Walking

Pennine Way Walkers

For organized groups using back-up transport, the Boarshurst Centre is an ideal place for groups walking the Pennine Way and planning a stop at a point either local to Black Hill on the A635 or at Standedge on the A62.

As the Pennine Way crosses the A635 in Saddleworth and after traversing the peat bogs of Black Hill, the party's transport would take the journey westward to Greenfield of about three and a half miles to the Boarshurst Centre.

Alternatively, the party's transport could take a four mile journey to the Boarshurst Centre from a natural break at Standedge Cutting on the A62, the road which separates Northern Rotcher and Millstone Edge from White Moss and Black Moss.

The Boarshirst Centre Walking