Greenfield is situated in the valley of the river Chew, under the shadow of Saddleworth's best-known war memorial, which is positioned at the skyline at "Pots and Pans".

The memorial was erected in 1923 to commemorate the deaths of 259 Saddleworth men in the Great War. In 1951, the names of 75 Springhead men, who also died in the Great War, were added and later that year the names of the 87 Saddleworth men lost in the Second World War were recorded.

Traditionally, each year, a service is held at the monument on Remembrance Sunday and the service is accompanied by a local brass band.

The musicians haul their instruments up the steep hillside path to reach the memorial

"Pots and Pans" are stones which were once thought to be a Druidic altar and takes its name from the odd shaped boulder with scooped out holes, of the kind traditionally used by the druids to catch the blood of their sacrificed victims.

However, experts tend to discount this view and suggest that the unusual bowl shapes in the rock are, more than likely, due to weathering