Dobcross was affectionately described as "The land of puff and blow, where childer can blow a double B afore they know their ABC".

This was said by the late Harry Whitehead after Dobcross village brass band became the best band in the land when they became Champion of Champions at Belle Vue, Manchester in 1935. Today, they still retain their prominence in brass band circles.

The village boasts many buildings dating back to the reign of Queen Anne and before.

With so many nooks and crannies and sturdy old stone dwellings it is arguably the most picturesque of the Saddleworth villages.

Before the ascendancy of Uppermill, the village was one of the most important commercial centres in the area.

Dobcross had a number of banks and there is a cottage in The Square bearing the name of "Saddleworth Bank".

Not far away from The Square, down Chancery Lane, there is an old stone cottage called Bridge House.

It is best known for its single-storey workshop occupied by the blacksmith Henry Platt. It was here that he built the first carding engines before founding Platt Brothers, Oldham, which subsequently became the largest textile machine manufacturers in the world.

Footnote: It is a little known fact that Toyota cars in Japan were started after Mr Josiah Platt gave Mr Toyota £2500 pounds to stop making mill machinery in competition with him.